Saturday, August 23, 2003

Nice Allmans essay: "When the Allman Brothers Band set out to make its first record, the world was falling apart. The Beatles were in their death throes. Led Zeppelin had introduced its savage, Druidian form of the blues. American pop music was swamped in psychedelia. Motown had been Spector-ized, and jazz was disoriented by the cerebral experiments of Ornette Coleman and Cecil Taylor. What the musical landscape needed was a revival, a movement that gathered up the fragments and gave meat to the poor in spirit. "
The Savage Rose - wonderful Danish anarchist band I loved in the 70's
blissblog: "And Jack White, for sure, excels at what he does--in the same way that a cabinet-maker, or an engraver, or someone who has mastered the art of crafting magic lanterns, excels at what they do. It’s just that there’s not that much call for it anymore. You can listen and feel your ingrained reflexes responding to the tug of that certain way of building with riffs and spacing, builds and dynamics. But then every so often (I find) one's old modernist instincts resurge and it’s like you’re in some dank old cellar and the music has the shuddery sensation of cobwebs on your skin, and you’re like ‘eeurrgh, yukyuk, get it off me get it off me’."
Advertising Posters from 1930's Shanghai
Okanagan Mountain Fire

Thursday, August 21, 2003

The Century Dictionary Online in DjVu ( little plug in you have to download is worth it)
Late Birthday prezzie from Rose. And from Lis a red tin Chinese restaurant cocktail tray sporting a carp wielding tot. I'm off under the plum trees.
nicest surprise on Steve Evans' reading list gathering is Alan Gilbert's choice of DJ /rupture and Muslimgauze
Where is Raed ?: "G. my friend got beaten up by US Army last night, he was handcuffed and had a bag put on his head. he was kicked several times and was made to lie on his face for a while. All he wanted to do was to take pictures and report on an attack, he works for the New York Times as a translator and fixer. He got more kicks for speaking english.
his sin: he looks Iraqi and has a beard.
story will be told, I need to get him drunk enough to get the whole thing out of him he doesn't want to talk. "

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Underground History - Disused Stations on London's Underground
"We feel it's a very solid case for some sort of mixed fermented beverage," says Mr. McGovern, a senior research scientist at the museum.
sheet music
Claudia Roden's Middle Eastern Orange Cake

2 large oranges, washed
6 eggs, beaten
250 g. ground almonds
250 g. sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder

Boil oranges in a little water in a covered saucepan for 2 hours. Allow to cool, then cut open, remove pips and chop roughly.

Preheat oven to 190ÂșC and butter and flour a springform tin.

Blend oranges and remaining ingredients thoroughly in a food processor. Pour batter into prepared tin. Bake for 1 hour. If cake is still very wet, cook a little longer. Cool in tin before gently turning out
vivid memoir of Steve Carey sent by Peter Cummings in Tsawassen
Music as speech

Sunday, August 17, 2003

Naturally anarchic hives contain a few dozen laying workers, and seem to function well. But by selective breeding, Oldroyd and his colleagues have got the egg-layers up to about 40% of the workforce. In these hives, breeding workers neglect their chores and the hives become decadent to the point of collapse. "They can barely feed themselves, and they do weird things like trying to raise queens out of male larvae," Oldroyd says.
Studdy-ing with Bonzo; A Site Dedicated to Bonzo Dog and George Studdy
New Wave Photos by Philippe Carly | The right wing's summer of hate: "decay ... failure (fail) ... collapse(ing) ... deeper ... crisis ... urgent(cy) ... destructive ... destroy ... sick ... pathetic ... lie ... liberal ... they/them ... unionized bureaucracy ... 'compassion' is not enough ... betray ... consequences ... limit(s) ... shallow ... traitors ... sensationalists ...
'endanger ... coercion ... hypocrisy ... radical ... threaten ... devour ... waste ... corruption ... incompetent ... permissive attitudes ... destructive ... impose ... self- serving ... greed ... ideological ... insecure ... anti-(issue): flag, family, child, jobs ... pessimistic ... excuses ... intolerant ...
'stagnation ... welfare ... corrupt ... selfish ... insensitive ... status quo ... mandate(s) ... taxes ... spend(ing) ... shame ... disgrace ... punish (poor ... ) ... bizarre ... cynicism ... cheat ... steal ... abuse of power ... machine ... bosses ... obsolete ... criminal rights ... red tape ... patronage.' "
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