Friday, April 20, 2007

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

was sad to learn that teacher/poet/critic Nancy Shaw had died on the weekend--though I'd seen little of her in recent years the photo above--taken during some KSW bash in the late 80's--brings back good memories of her warmth, energy, enthusiasm & fierce intellectual curiosity--

from "Busted" (w/Catriona Strang)(which is online but Blogger is being weird)

"What a messy, bloody, capricious business. Is lineage iced, or boarded, or unchecked? It’s said once our frontiers were immutable, or at least once some fathered rhetoric could skate, smooth and slamming, all over our boxy little realm. But exactly when did the lucid rink around our discourse? And for which shift did all our plays lace up with capital? Ever more distant, ever more expansive. Was there ever a simple goal?"