Thursday, February 04, 2010


No used bookstore
on the moon
no white grow-tent puff

no Atlantis
no inflation
where the pampas meets the rough

& no use for the facetious
paperback feces
produced by our species

came to a rolling stop
on a slate tabletop
all covered with cheese

on fire when I bought it
I dropped it I fought it
just like they taught it.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Northern Ireland based artist Theo Sims' Candahar Bar is a detailed recreation of an Irish public house, named for a street in Belfast and based on that city's now defunct Blackthorn Bar. Part sculpture, part theatrical stage, The Candahar is an artwork that is also a functioning bar, open to the public and staffed in collaboration with two Belfast bartenders who act as unscripted performers. The project fuses the authentic with fantasy, spectacle with stage, and at its heart acts as a catalyst for conversation, debate and dialogue — and a pint here or there.

During the sixteen days of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, Presentation House Gallery is staging The Candahar as a locus for social interaction and the host site for an ambitious series of nightly events — musical programs, theatrical presentations, performances and dialogues, both scripted and unscripted. Programmed by author Michael Turner, as well as by invited guests, including Winnipeg artist Paul Butler, the Candahar will feature an extensive and diverse series of events by local and international visual artists, musicians, writers and more.

February 12 to February 28, 2010

The Candahar Bar will be open 12pm to 4pm & 7pm to Midnight

Offsite in the PTC Studio, 3rd Floor
1398 Cartwright Street
Granville Island, Vancouver, BC

Daytime $5 / Evening $10 at door

Beginning 8 pm nightly unless otherwise noted.
February 12 Opening Night
Rebecca Belmore (7pm) / Ensemble Sisyphe / Jeremy Shaw DJ

February 13
Nicolaus Schafhausen / The Left / Adrian Buitenhuis DJ

February 14
From Russia, With Love by The Here & Now (featuring ex-cub Lisa Marr)

February 15
Writers Research I
with Lee Henderson / Allport Trio

February 16
Nardwuar's Video Vault: Olympic Edition (7pm) / Brian Johnson/John Korsrud/Ron Samworth/Stefan Smulovitz

February 17
Eli Boronowsky Presents Clamour & Toll

February 18
Paul Butler Presents / kick evrything

February 19
Skeena Reece / Cranfield & Slade Riot Songs

February 20
Hello World (record release)

February 21
Thursdays Writing Collective (2pm) / Althea Thauberger (8PM)

February 22
Writers Research II
with Timothy Taylor / Gregory Betts (7pm)

February 23
Nardwuar's Video Vault (7pm) / Campfire Canada featuring Ivan Coyote & Pat Brayden, Ron Hynes and Neil Eustache

February 24
London: 1969-1966 David Wisdom / Fresh Cream David Carswell / Stephen Murray DJ

February 25

February 26
Rodney Graham Band / Tim Lee DJ

February 27
Christine / Peter Culley DJ

February 28 Last Call
Featuring Ensemble Sisyphe's Clock, Elizabeth Bachinsky & Alex Leslie, Clint Burnham, Marcia Crosby, Jeff Derksen, Peter Dickinson, Ken Lum, Anu Sahota, Trevor Boddy & Matthew Soules
/ Stan Douglas DJ

Local trees