Saturday, February 07, 2004

Perle and Frum's Death Metal: "Indeed, every sad word of "An End to Evil" oozes Perle's and Frum's pained, wasted 60s youths: wasted in yellow sheet stains, wasted studying maps color-coded with spheres-of-influence, wasted memorizing German armaments, and college years wasted playing Risk in their dorms while the socially successful hippies frolicked and fucked all around them. Perle and Frum will never forgive America for this humiliation and therefore they want to egg it on to its suicide by prodding it into a multi-front apocalyptic world war. "
more nuanced take on Currin by Jerry Saltz " Currin is sincere the way pornography is sincere: The line between what's feigned and unfeigned is blurred. When he's on, Currin opens a fascinatingly disquieting psycho-visual space. As with pornography, when he's off, his work turns unintentionally silly. "
A Tragedy of Errors--Lind on Frum and Perle: "Not since Stalin ordered the US Communist Party to go underground has an American political faction pretended to dissolve itself in public like this. "
Now They Tell Us "Watching and reading all this, one is tempted to ask, where were you all before the war? Why didn't we learn more about these deceptions and concealments in the months when the administration was pressing its case for regime change—when, in short, it might have made a difference?"
Jed Perl opens a great big can of neocon whupass on John Currin--almost convincing until his way off base take on early vs. late Guston (blunt & anti-atmospheric? rosy sonatas? wha?) reveals his agenda as contrarian for its own sake--uninterested in painting per se
Homage to The Quiz: "Describing his style of play, he offered, 'Grass is a wonderful thing for little bugs and sinkerball pitchers.' "
whirling submarine delivery
Kansas City Star
NYT Obit for Dan Quisenberry
Dan Quisenberry

"There is a telescope called Hubble
that can look so far into space
they say you can see thousands
of other galaxies and somebody said
they saw the face of Jesus if you
looked just right. But somebody else
said it looked more like Gene Shalit.
I don't know who is right. I don't see
anybody in the stars with these naked
eyes that turn red in the wind and itch
in the summer. I feel pretty good when
I can pick out the big dipper and its little
brother, but wonder sometimes when the
sky is laden black and those pinheads of
light seem to be winking at just me."
Dan Quisenberry, the poet

"I asked him if there was any relationship or metaphor in his poetry to match his side-arm style of pitching.

'To try to mix pitching and poetry is a stretch for me. In pitching, I was trying to win, beat the guy with the bat, do the team run-for-the-pennant thing. So much of that was physical; drive, win, beat, go. In poetry, I don't feel the competition; it isn't competition. It's mining, sifting, creative contemplation, more like swimming underwater and looking at stuff one doesn't see on the surface.' "
Happy Birthday pitcher/poet Dan Quisenberry!

"A manager uses a relief pitcher like a six shooter, he fires until its empty, takes the gun and throws it at the villain. "

"I found a delivery in my flaw."
Jack Nitzsche
Jack Nitzsche & St Giles Cripplegate
St Giles Cripplegate
Hard To Be Human Again by Michaelangelo Matos: "The part of the review where I suggest that Kylie should hook up with Luomo will have to remain on the cutting-room floor. "

Friday, February 06, 2004

Happy Birthday Kit Marlowe!

from the translation of "The First Book of Lucan"

All great things crush themselves, such end the gods
Allot the height of honor, men so strong
By land, and sea, no forreine force could ruine:
O Roome thy selfe art cause of all these evils ,
Thy selfe thus shivered out to three mens shares:
Dire league of partners in a kingdome last not.

O faintly joyn'd friends with ambition blind,
Why joine you force to share the world betwixt you?
While th'earth the sea, and ayre the earth sustaines;
While Titan strives against the worlds swift course;
Or Cynthia nights Queene waights upon the day;
Shall never faith be found in fellow kings.
Dominion cannot suffer partnership;
This need no forraine proofe, nor far fet story:
Roomes infant walles were steept in brothers bloud;
Nor then was land, or sea, to breed such hate ,
A towne with one poore church set them at oddes.
Gawker: "Lloyd's source says of the talk that 'It was the first time I've heard the word 'hermeneutically' used in Los Angeles,' to which I say: you need to spend more time getting stoned on the Chinatown gallery strip."
Jordan shakes it like a Polaroid picture--Ah I knew this would happen -- having to remind myself when in the elevator not to burst out into the chorus of track five from "The Love Below."
Oakland Sites of the Black Panther Party
Oakland Temescal storm tunnels
The Coup/Drug Warz:

"I bust the donut up in front of Wenchel's
Makin police state officials with fat bones
that's made of gristle test they torque to differential
Now it's essential, our problems ain't provincial
'fore a nurse call our bodies white chalk stencils
Broke as fuck, eatin lentils with no utensils
That type of struggle motivated my pencil
It ain't mental it's material
Police are the fist of the imperial, I'm spittin through your stereo
Babies need cereal, folks need currency
My job got a crowd wavin applications fervently
Some'll get accepted, most'll get rejected
Guess they gon' til the new prison get elected
and that'll solve they unemployment streak
They'll be makin microchips for two dollars a week
That's why they packin us in there in droves and fleets
And Channel Two gon' call it cleanin up the streets"
The Coup: "Political music, to be viable, has to have a movement to go along with it. If you're wearing the clothes and memorizing the lyrics, but you go home and you don't have anything in the refrigerator, you're gonna say, 'This music doesn't have anything to do with the material world.' "
Rhyme & Revolution: "The Coup"'s Boots Riley: "Like I said, every one had different stories about what happened; some of them matched up and some of the didn't, and that's what's gonna happen when you got a big crowd like that. But the one thing that did keep ringing true in each story was the fact that, when the police started shooting - and I don't know if you've ever been around when a gun is fired, but your first instinct is, 'lemme get the fuck up outta here because I could die right now' - so that's what everyone was thinking right then, and somebody started chanting 'Fight the power! Fight the power! Fight the power!' Now, that was the song at the time, in the summer of 1989. That Public Enemy song was out right then and that's what everyone was listening to, and that's what made everyone stop and think, 'Yeah, this one thing that we all know is right, that connects us all,' and we all went back, we stopped that from happening. That's when I knew that music could take a place in the movement."

Thursday, February 05, 2004

all time high of 22, 534 at the "Child" level of Snood

"he wrote"
badass 70's watches
Ed Broadbent - NDP Candidate for Ottawa Centre Ed blogs
Bodleian Library Broadside Ballads
Dub Syndicate--No Bed Of Roses Adrian at the controls!!
Goldfish revived after car crash adropos my frozen porchfish--they're tough. And they live into their 40's, if you follow the link.
Hope you lose, eh?
Talking Points Memo-- looks like both the Plame thing and AWOLgate might have legs
Happy Birthday all-time Scottish rock n roll king Alex Harvey!!
the well-nourished moon on "Once Upon a Time in Mexico": "Most of the writing on the latter film reminds me of a Shostakovich review shouted from stage during the recent Death of Meyerhold: 'Shostakovich's new symphony is a mess!' I'm slightly embarrassed to have loved every minute of it, even the bad special effects. (especially the handcuffed Depp and Hayek body doubles rag dolling down the side of their hotel onto a moving bus. Also the Banderas chase / fight scene on motorcycle.) Depp as Oedipus-CIA agent: (why am I writing a mastercharge 'priceless' sentence?) superlative, superlative."
The Early Days of a Better Nation: "The great scandal of Lenin was that he taught realpolitik to the lower classes and backward peoples. If the working class was ever to become a ruling class it had better start thinking like one, and for a ruling class there are no rules. "
Village Voice: Cheap Chow Now, Top 100 Latin Restaurants God I miss New York
found in this fine Outlaws and Highwaymen site:

Take away justice, then, and what are governments but great confederacies of robbers? After all, what are confederacies of robbers unless they are small-scale governments? The gang itself consists of men, it is directed by the authority of the chief, it is bound together by a pact of mutual support, and the loot is divided in accordance with an agreed law. If, as a result of the recruitment of desperadoes, this evil grows to such an extent that it takes control of a territory, establishes bases, occupies cities and subjugates peoples, then it assumes the name of a government, the more openly because this is now plainly applicable: not because the robbers have renounced their rapacity, but because they are no longer at risk of punishment. The reply that a captured pirate made to Alexander the Great was apposite and legitimate. For when the ruler asked the man how he could justify making the sea a dangerous place, he answered, with defiant outspokenness, ‘In exactly the way that you justify doing the same to the whole world. But because I do it with a single paltry ship, I am called a robber; while you do it with a large navy, and are called an emperor.’

St. Augustine of Hippo

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

DJ SCREW - free MP3 music downloads
David Banner - Mississippi: The Screwed and Chopped Album: "Banner's original manifesto is as much a regional document as the screwed and chopped style, perhaps more so. As the first Mississippi rapper ever signed to a major label, Banner's sense of isolation is palpable. 'The place where your grandmama scared to come/the place your mama ran from' he describes amid the barks and bluesy guitar of the intro, his voice slowed to a demonic growl. Mississippi is a dark, foreboding place, a place forgotten by the moral leveling of modern culture where Evil (in its grand Christian form) still lurks. Through the prism of Michael Watts' DJing, this world becomes more alien, more isolated, more menacing, and more distinctly Southern as well. "
Screwed and Chopped Survival Guide

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Happy Birthday Gertrude Stein!


Cake cast in went to be and needles wine needles are such.

This is today. A can experiment is that which makes a town, makes a town dirty, it is little please. We came back. Two bore, bore what, a mussed ash, ash when there is tin. This meant cake. It was a sign.

Another time there was extra a hat pin sought long and this dark made a display. The result was yellow. A caution, not a caution to be.

It is no use to cause a foolish number. A blanket stretch a cloud, a shame, all that bakery can tease, all that is beginning and yesterday yesterday we had it met. It means some change. No some day.

A little leaf upon a scene an ocean any where there, a bland and likely in the stream a recollection green land. Why white. "
John Fucking Kerry, Will the Real John Kerry Please Stand Up: "I spent a day on the campaign trail with Kerry in June and met both John Forbes Kerry and John Fucking Kerry: Forbes delivered cautious, bland responses to my questions; Fucking, in a series of self-depreciating asides, revealed his sense of fun and toughness. "

Monday, February 02, 2004

Christopher of Pulpfiction Books sent this better source for the work of Vancouver artist Evan Lee. Thanks!
Surprise, surprise: "Toronto pollster Pollara Inc. has found that just 15 per cent of Canadians would vote for the American president if they could cast a ballot south of the border."
Pub drinkers tested for drugs With the disgusting whitewash of the Hutton report & now this, the Magna Carta is just about in tatters these days--
Christian B. reviews Vollman in the Globe & Mail

Sunday, February 01, 2004

Brooklyn less sweet
two below from Illustrations of the works of Lord Byron
The Corsair
'Tis late to think - but soft, his slumber breaks -
How heavily he sighs! - he starts - awakes!'
Byron's Corsair sells 10,000 copies on first day of publication, 1814

By those, that deepest feel, Is ill exprest
The indistinctness of the suffering breast;
Where thousand thoughts begin to end in one,
Which seeks from all the refuge found in none;
No words suffice the secret soul to show,
For Truth denies all eloquence to Woe.
On Conrad's stricken soul exhaustion prest,
And stupor almost lull'd it into rest;
So feeble now - his mother's softness crept
To those wild eyes, which like an infant's wept:
It was the very weakness of his brain,
Which thus confess'd without relieving pain.
None saw his trickling tears - perchance if seen,
That useless flood of grief had never been:
Nor long they flow'd - he dried them to
In helpless -hopeless - brokenness of heart:
The sun goes forth, but Conrad's day is dim;
And the night cometh - ne'er to pass from him.
There is no darkness like the cloud of mind,
On Grief's vain eye - the blindest of the blind!
Which may not - dare not see but turns aside
To blackest shade - nor will endure a guide!

canto 3 verse 22
meomi nice kitty stuff