Friday, August 27, 2010

::: Decorated and Decorative Paper Collection :::

This database showcases a selection of decorated and decorative papers from Europe, primarily Germany, France and Italy, produced between the 17th and 19th centuries. Representative samples include Western marbled paper, paste papers and decorative papers, such as Dutch gilt and lithographically or linoleum block printed paper. Some examples of Suminagashi are also included in the database.Selected paper samples in this digital collection include loose samples, as well as paper that has been used for the covers and endsheets of books...

"Vancouver" from radicalcartography

Vancouver districts emerge as a patchwork of different street-naming conventions: all "streets" downtown, a "street"/"avenue" weave through most of the city, but with exceptional areas like the "street"/"drive" zone of Grandview, the "roads" and "malls" of the university, or the paths cut by Broadway and the Kingsway...

Frederick Law Olmsted

The spoils of the park

a couple of Claude Dangerfield record sleeves from this online Sun Ra exhibit...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

ISP: Peirce's Century Dictionary Definitions

Peirce's Century Dictionary Definitions

Peirce wrote a great many definitions for the Century Dictionary. View a list in pdf format of Peirce's Century Dictionary definitions extracted from A Comprehensive Bibliography of the Published Works of Charles Sanders Peirce. Find the word of interest in this list, then go to the URL below to view Peirce's definition.

The complete Century Dictionary is available online at Notice that a CD-ROM of the Century Dictionary is available.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mushrooms + 40,000 Discarded Books = 1 Garden of Knowledge

Sandwiched within and between the reclaimed and decomposing books are several edible species of mushrooms like oyster and winecap, an intervention that highlights the living, ephemeral and cyclic character of these artefacts...

(thx RP)

Robert Smithson from

The Crystal Land

On the top of a promontory stood there motionless rockdrill against the blank which was the sky. High-tention towers transported electric cable over the quarry. Dismantled parts of steam shovels, tread machines and trucks were lined up in random groups. Such objects interrupted the depositions of waste that formed the general condition of the place. What vegetation there was seemed partially demolished. Newly made boulders eclipsed parts of a wire and pipe fence. Railroad tracks passed by the quarry, the ties formed a redundant sequence of modules, while the steel tracks projected the modules into an imperfect vanishing point...

from Mike Snook's Police Patch Collection - K9 Collection

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Richard Howard on Frank O'Hara, quoted at Isola di Rifiuti: Alfred Leslie’s The Killing Cycle

“A man, in particular that emblematic man a poet, who by his surrogate office must stand, in particulars, for the generality—a man who dies at forty is at every moment of his life, we say, a-man-who-has-died-at-forty . . . and retrospectively we glean, in the course of a broken-off existence, the seeds of a destiny which, planted perhaps only by ourselves and cultivated however arbitrarily by our hunger for the inevitable, will bestow upon the blasted biography this flowering: a more grateful contour, an acceptable outline. We say, he was death-ridden, doom-haunted, and that he belonged to the race—as Thomas Mann said of Cocteau—which dies in the emergency ward.”

Russian Types

During the 1860s, several photographers based in Moscow and St. Petersburg produced series of cartes-de-visite showing Russian 'types.' These remarkable portraits provide a fascinating record of working-class townspeople, artisans, street vendors and peasants, some staged performing an activity, such as drinking tea or gaming, and some photographed in the performance of their occupation...

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Monday, August 23, 2010


poet Jonathan Skinner is exploring the parks of Frederick Law Olmstead --The Spoils of the Park

Olmsted’s park designs are delightful when you have leisure but a nightmare when you have to get somewhere. (Can I have some leisure please?) I see a greensward at the end of the curve and can only hope against all odds that it is not the same greensward I just left...