Saturday, May 15, 2004

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Paris Hilton Goes to War, The Bush Administration Is Waging a War on Porn While Soldiers Waging War in Iraq Make Porn

"The second thing I find fascinating about the homemade porn coming out of Abu Ghraib--the consensual pornographic pictures depicting American soldiers, not the shocking pictures depicting American soldiers engaged in acts of torture and violence--is the disconnect it exposes between prudes in the Bush administration like Ashcroft and the men and women in the armed services. George W. Bush seizes every opportunity to tell us how brave, moral, and righteous the average American soldier is. He would have us believe that the U.S. armed services, like the Republican Party itself, are filled with churchgoing, patriotic, salt-of-the-earth, small-town-values types from Red states. The truth, of course, is that soldiers, like average Americans, are as likely to consume porn and, given the time, opportunity, and a digital camera, make porn as any other American. They're also likely, as we've seen, to buy into their own inflated sense of moral superiority--inflated by their commander in chief--and brutalize helpless human beings in their charge. Porn producers, by comparison, are angels. "
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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Jane Jacobs
"There's a joke that the father of an old friend used to tell, about a preacher who warns children, "In Hell there will be wailing and weeping and gnashing of teeth." "What if you don't have teeth?" one of the children asks. "Then teeth will be provided," he says sternly. That's it--the spirit of the designed city: Teeth Will Be Provided for You."
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Bad Ginger Cat
""As the postie pushes the letters through, I've seen Bat try to swipe him with his claws.

"He was a rescue cat and is only little--but he does get stroppy.""

Monday, May 10, 2004

"We saw the pictures"
"The system of injustice that, since 9/11, we've sent offshore and organized globally -- from Guantanamo, Cuba to Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan -- is by its nature also a system of torture. It was designed from the beginning to be a Bermuda Triangle of injustice, existing in an extrajudicial darkness beyond 'our' sight or oversight. There, on military bases and in special military-controlled prisons, the 'war on terrorism' could be carried to its informational climax in whatever ways and by whatever methods American intelligence officials felt might 'break' whatever prisoners we had. "

Sunday, May 09, 2004

wild wild west: "'I don't know where they got this from, but the MPs would say it all the time,' one of the soldiers said. 'MI would drop off a guy who wasn't talking, and the MP would say, 'So looks like I'll be going cowboy on him' or 'Looks like he needs some wild, wild west.''"