Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Case for the Coalition
"For all these reasons, the coalition is a "power grab" in one sense only. Stephen Harper has demonstrated that he's a thoroughly dangerous driver. With support from the Bloc, the Liberals and NDP are taking away the keys..."

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Schjeldahl on Eggleston--

"What makes Eggleston special? An anecdote reported by Weski in the Whitney catalogue drops a clue. In 1964, Eggleston lamented to a friend, “I don’t particularly like what’s around me.” The friend, a New York artist named Tom Young, suggested that he should be taking photographs precisely for that reason. The hint inspired Eggleston to head directly to places he liked least, such as shopping centers. I think the emotional key to his genius is a stoical loathing, unblinking in the face of one scandalously uncongenial otherness after another..."

Tree Music

"I have a thing about trees,"
[Chihara] admits, when asked about their relationship to his music.
This is translated - where possible - into musical shapes, which often
involve free-flowing rhythms in a spacious context - like trees. "My
music is not aleatoric," he says, "the extended pauses, for example,
are always measured. Chaos is a bad substitute for too much order."

Monday, December 01, 2008

from the increasingly distinguished back section of the Nation, Ange Mlinko terrific on Higginson, the hummingbird cult & much else--Her Nature Was Future: Emily Dickinson's White Heat

Local trees