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Bruce Conkle - Flumes Posted by Hello

review of Christopher Dewdney's new book in the Economist Posted by Hello

SFJ has questions--

"Are writerly lyrics the same kind of lyrics as, say, Girls Aloud lyrics? Doing which kind best is what kind of achievement? Are knee jerk reactions a fruitful kind of thinking? What category of thinking are they? Are they worth checking in with, even when you think you've "dealt" with them? Is there any point in making popular music if it's going to sound like you and your friends talking over the Magnolia DVD? Is this about "good" and "bad" or about what each form is good at? Should we really make up a list of winners and losers? Isn't this more about trends and ontology—where the music is going and what function it serves beyond giving or not giving us jollies? Why does evil money-making pressure foster good music and bad movies?" Posted by Hello

a New Yorker round up on Iceland reveals that

"Einar Örn, the goofball mastermind of Kukl and the Sugarcubes, has outdone all younger rivals with "Ghostigital", a spectacularly weird venture into hip-hop, with noise rock and free jazz in the mix. It's about time someone tried to reconcile Dr. Dre and Cecil Taylor." Posted by Hello

Cthulu says "Happy Birthday H.P. Lovecraft!"
I remember from my too short visit to Providence some years back how Halloweeny and spooky the woods and graveyards were, and seeing a locally produced book "H.P. Lovecraft in Providence" but in a closed bookstore. Or did I ? I still have a tape of the reading Dan Farrell and I did the night before, with ghostly voices rising out of the hiss.  Posted by Hello

interesting recipe involving gooseberries @ Lisablog Posted by Hello

Thursday, August 19, 2004

ODK presents "Heart Attack Island" @ the Butchershop Gallery Vancouver-- Sept 4th, & the fifty/fifty arts collective in Victoria the night before Posted by Hello
The vital centre

"And then what's all this squabbling about "torture memos"? Republicans want torture. Democrats want no torture. Where in this debate is there any place for a good decent centrist who can split the difference and bring the nation together over the principle of SOME torture?"
Silliman's Blog: "Admittedly "great mosses" is a peculiar category. "

happy birthday John Dryden!

from Mac Flecknoe

Heavens bless my son, from Ireland let him reign
To far Barbadoes on the Western main;
Of his dominion may no end be known,
And greater than his father's be his throne.
Beyond love's kingdom let him stretch his pen;
He paus'd, and all the people cry'd Amen.
Then thus, continu'd he, my son advance
Still in new impudence, new ignorance.
Success let other teach, learn thou from me
Pangs without birth, and fruitless industry.
Let Virtuosos in five years be writ;
Yet not one thought accuse thy toil of wit.
Let gentle George in triumph tread the stage,
Make Dorimant betray, and Loveit rage;
Let Cully, Cockwood, Fopling, charm the pit,
And in their folly show the writer's wit... Posted by Hello

the state of politics in Oregon Posted by Hello

The Lenny Bruce Trial Posted by Hello

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