Saturday, June 22, 2013

as the pond reduces
surfaces thicken
duck oil castoreum lint
whirlpool for a half-second
feathers fluff & dust
stirred up blossoms
bullfrogs infest the eastern edge
fat tadpoles wriggle in the sun
conquest of space
wave shapes
impossible boulders to pick up
undependable underfoot
a vice tightened & then discarded
welded to another object
as a kind of test
lichen spirals names letters fresh
indications on the breeze

Friday, June 21, 2013

vestigial ladymuscles
affected by clambering downhill
old manginal innerwalls pop
hooked up now to field orbital
what am i carrying under my eye?
was I looking the wrong way wasp
that you should guzzle so my tears?
map of nerves mild pain waves
my weight & fate twitches
to be sent into sweaty non-space
a sharp sting out of nowhere
holds things together spatially
leather stitches repair
saint peter's boat as
gerda the goosegirl with rabbit hat & sword
steps off & summer begins
across the compasspoints