Saturday, May 07, 2011


can't jam it in your car. all those bright, perfect crisp beats are
carefully balanced and tested to hit thru a pair of twelve inch subs
sitting in a ported box behind your backseats. slowing it down by five
percent just throws off the balance and makes it sound like you're one
of those guys with a system that only jams metallica. screwtapes on a
real car system create a sustained rattle and rumble. sustained bass hit
after hit layering over each other, sounding like a bass growl thru the
chassis, trying to overheat the amp....

the rest of the tape, screw doing his thing. and i always check for
tapes with a classic nas track. study that street dreams, something i've
heard enough, played my it was written end to end a million times, to
really understand what screw is doing. that strong, rich new york beat,
trackmasters beat. stretched out to show you those winks of synthesizer
in cross section and drums compressed and flattened into the floor of
the track. picture screw's fat, soft hands running over shiny black wax
and loose fader. letting the gunshot interlude that introduces i gave
you power to fade instead into bomb first and hail mary mixed against
each other, playing the farrakhan million man march speech that pac put
on his cd, fading into me and my girlfriend played out before the
obligatory da brat and e-40 tracks.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Polly Jean as a Writer of Words : Corina Copp :

“I certainly feel like I’m getting somewhere that I wanted to get to as a
writer of words. I wanted to get better, I wanted to be more coherent, I
wanted there to be a greater strength and depth emotionally, and all
these things require work—to hone something, to get rid of any
superfluous language. I’m inspired by the other great writers I go back
to and read again and again, and think how did they do that?”

Sunday, May 01, 2011

The slowed-down tempos of screw and its influence on contemporary bands

In a world where musical creations (remixes included) constantly shed economic value, the screw approach invests minimal effort into sonic transformation – yet the lazy process radically reconfigures a song. Screw dislocates body from voice – baritone rappers sound demonic, turgid, other and female singers melt into androgyny. If a song’s body is the regular-pitched version where the voice corresponds with the person it came from, then screw severs that connection. Paradoxically, screwed rap sounds more carnal than ever, yet the body is negated to expose the soul – or id, or drug-soaked semi-consciousness...

YouTube - I Can Feel In The Air Tonight- Phil Collins DJ Screw
YouTube - anita ward - ring my bell - DJ Screw
YouTube - Salem - Redlights
YouTube - Salem - King Night

Robert Wyatt -- Red Flag

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