Saturday, June 05, 2004

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Larry David, Nature Boy
"And nobody ever went hiking in Brooklyn. The only time you took a hike was when someone told you to go fuck yourself. Then you took a hike. Then you got the hell out of there in a hurry. 'You're right, sir. Perhaps it is time for a little afternoon stroll. I think I'll be moseying on.' There was nothing in nature we appreciated. Sunsets were mocked. The moon, in particular, held no fascination for anyone. I don't think I ever heard anyone even use it in a sentence. Nobody ever said, 'Hey, check out the moon!' We never gazed at it. We didn't do any gazing. Well, people never looked up in general. We were too busy traversing a minefield of dog excrement. That's why, to this day, I can't look anyone in the eye, because, after spending many an afternoon throwing my sneaker away and hopping home, I became fixated on looking down.

So as a result of my background, I've never done anything outdoorsy. I don't hike, I don't ski, I don't fish . . . I would if you could catch conservatives. I wouldn't throw them back so fast, either. I'd let them flop around on the deck for a while. 'It was wrong to lie about Saddam having nuclear weapons, wasn't it?' 'Yes, yes.' 'In fact, the whole war was a big mistake!' 'Yes, maybe.' 'No, not maybe! It was a mistake!' 'OK, it was a mistake. Throw me back. Please!'"

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Friday, June 04, 2004

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Steve Lacy 1934-2004

"Not everyone, of course, likes to live 'on the edge' like that, and there have been very great defensive players, but the musicians that have made the music really move and grow have all been masters of 'brinkmanship'. Some like it hot."  Posted by Hello

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Meteor lights the sky above Snohomish
"The Hupe brothers are waiting for either a confirmed find from this local space invader, or else a fairly precise estimate of its trajectory after the explosion.
'As soon as we can get that, we're there,' Greg Hupe said.

Malone said further analysis of the seismic signal, along with whatever other evidence is out there (such as the meteor's velocity), might produce a trajectory for hunters such as the Hupe brothers.

'It's possible,' Malone said."

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Double-Tongued Word Wrester: "A Growing Dictionary of Old and New Words "

Monday, May 31, 2004

The Sacred Grove of Bomarzo:The Mouth of Hell: "The crumbling inscription around the lips of this extraordinary infernal vision; OGNI PENSIERO VO(LA) (all reason departs) can be completed by Giovanni Guerra's drawing in which he noted the inscription as LASCIATE OGNI PENSIERO VOI CH'ENTRATE (abandon all reason, you who here enter). The reference to Dante's inscription above the mouth of hell is clear, although Dante's damned are told to abandon hope - speranza - rather than reason. Inside Vicino's hell there is a picnic table, formed by hell's tongue, and seating space for a small party." Posted by Hello
map of springfield
Jonathan Skinner has some interestinq questions here...
"'Giving permission' is, of course, a crucial first step, but there's a lot more to teaching poetry to young people, especially to young people in troubled circumstances. From another angle, it strikes me that the failure of 'langpo' related writing to articulate a poetry-in-the-schools pedagogy (beyond continually rehashing Bernadette Mayer's Writing Experiments) is a MAJOR weakness. Are there any
post-expressivist teaching anthologies and/or pedagogical texts out there?
I can think of books by Bernadette Mayer (Science Writing) and Jack Collom,
but who else . . . ? Obviously, many 'langpo'-related writers do teach
poetry in the schools, so there must be a huge pool of experience to draw on
for such an anthology. Or is there?"
Richard Holmes on
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Sunday, May 30, 2004

Christopher Walken: "''I DON'T. Buy the tomatoes with. The stems. On them. They don't. Degrade. They go. Down the sink. And into the WATER. Then. They get lodged in the throats of little. OTTERS.'' " (thanx Reid) Posted by Hello

"The Library Window", an eerie story by Mrs. Oliphant

"'One thing is clear,' said one of the younger ones, 'it cannot be a window to see through. It may be filled in or it may be built up, but it is not a window to give light.' "
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And on Sundays, I get a massive, ten pound bundle of birdcage liner! I should start raising ostritches!

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Ayrshire History (this is Greenan Castle, about a half mile from where we lived) Posted by Hello
thom: weblog has a big list of mp3 blogs