Saturday, June 10, 2006

"Fredericksburg, Virginia, June, 1972" from Stephen Shore--American Surfaces

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Rationalizing Haditha

"The Haditha massacre is not the result of individual failings, or of a 'renegade' squadron that somehow shucked its training and went berserk. It is the inevitable consequence of a policy that cannot be implemented without inflicting massive casualties on the enemy--and that includes civilians, none of whom are presumed to be 'innocent' in a country where the overwhelming majority want the occupation to end. "

Friday, June 09, 2006


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Thursday, June 08, 2006

In the great Literacy Nanaimo Bookstore this week found for $8 a nice 1940 copy of P.A. Taverner's "Birds of Canada" with 87 colour plates by Canadian Allan Brooks who lived on Okanagan Lake/wintered in Courtenay. His images appear all over including the big "Birds of America" of that era from which these magnificent crows are taken. In Vernon (Red Lane's "Geeksville") there is an Allan Brooks Nature Centre.

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

from Sillyhow Stride a long poem for singer Warren Zevon by Paul Muldoon (excuse the re-formatting)--

"...At that very moment, quite unbidden,

the ghost of Minoru Yamasaki
(who had trailed me from the bar at Nobu) exhorted me to "Turn them speakers
up full blast now Lucies, who scarce seven hours herself unmasks,

is sunk so low as my Twin Towers . . .". Brian Jones's patent winkle-pickers
reflected a patent sky. "All strange wonders that befell
me while the rest of them recorded Beggars

Banquet and I was sunk so low in Twickenham, lovers coming with crystal vials
to take my tears . . .". "I'll do my crying in the rain
with Don and Phil,"

said Yamasaki-san, "I'll do my crying with Frank and Jesse waiting for a train . . .
Those lines you wrote about the blood-bath
at my Twin Towers, about the sky being full of carrion,

those were my Twin Towers, right?" Brian, meanwhile, continued to puff
on the flute as if he were indeed corporeal,
as if he were no less substantial than the elder-pith

nay on which he played a hurry home early
version of "Walk Right Back", the "Walk Right Back"
you yourself had played night after night with Frank and Jesse Everly..."

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Washing Machine

The weather
phones it in

spring's a little
indicating this year--

a barrel of apples
without a retake, but

anywhere upstage
past act three is

a forest of elbows,
Sen-Sen breath

with little bites

like the lines of force

in a woodcut windmill
watch the washing machine face

spin out of character:
the miracle of half-price Tuesday

carved out of
the larger miracle of laundry

through condensated
gaps rubbed

brown pigeons
with white chevrons

drop radar tinsel
on armloads of cashmere,

Reader's Digests
limp as kid leather

skitter wounded-bird
style dropped with intent

on enameled trays for
generic pop, ashtrays

and exits
spotwelded, but

oh for the billows
and billows of hot steam

to hide the
anthropomorphic array,

the green stalkers
in the park,

the variously angry
smug, gleeful,

anxious, stoic
and startled faces

of the babies, the leaves
and the cars.

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Non-seasonal growth,
including the ludic
branches that clutch
the canopy's light breeze--
no beach so fierce!
Or on top
of the cobblestones
the picture
of a beach, after
naming the streets
for the days of the week
we did trees, birds
Manitoba college towns
and then ran out so
started right in
on the spawn of
the local bauxite
aristocracy, so its
possible to awake
with a familiar name
pressed into your cheek--
something to fool
the eloi archaeologists!
presuming they can cut
through the giant hedge
of modified alder
that threatens Edwardian
apocalypse to these
pretty but blandly
peopled avenues.

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Covered Window

The skin of it puckers
and pools in lenses
bleached at the knots

a kind of drapery I guess
though oxidised
it might be the sun

but not real broke
not theatrical sugar broke
like that bottle trick

from tv, trinkle
of loops recorded
by guys long dead--

late for work
heads wrapped
in vinegar paper,

copping some attitude
with the bitches
in the mailroom, givin' it

the old watercooler
one-two--"I done
it for the in-surance"--

Well wave goodbye
to the glove
factory, girls;

fifty arches
of brick-cladded
rustbelt gothic

but only
the dollar store
in focus, trade goods lit

so sharp thru the fog
you could read
the shampoo instructions

from a passing bus
and still huff
on a candle bag,

deserted dairylands hiss
warm cokes rings of
green styrofoam here

like everywhere else,
arboreal shrinkage hiss
farmhouses curled

on wet glass,
north of pine nuts the
little trees eventually

damage the little
touches we like;
the windows replaced

with particle board as
if mushroom carpets could
think mushroom thoughts.

Trade goods
rinse and repeat
and repeat.

You see, I want
to be part of it
but I want to

make fun of it to--
concealing profits or
making a bed of them,

stuffing a turkey with it
or smashing it with a brick--
whose answerable needs met?

only a few more days to see Adam Harrison's show of photographs at CSA space. I wrote "captions" for Adam's catalogue, the first three of which I'll post above today, the rest tomorrow. But go see the show if you're in the area!

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relocated from the banks of the Niagara to those of the Androscoggin Jonathan Skinner's ecopoetics has a big new issue (print) with Roy Arenella, Michael Basinski, Charles Bernstein,David Berridge, Alicia Cohen, Jack Collom, Mary Crow, Tina Darragh, Ian Davidson, Marcella Durand, Ken Edwards, Kenneth Goldsmith, Clayton Eshleman, Kenny Goldsmith, Lynn Harrigan, Peter Jaeger, Peter Larkin, Douglas Manson, Florine Melnyk, Ethan Paquin, Meredith Quartermain, Kate Schapira, Lytle Shaw, Jonathan Stalling, William Sylvester, Arthur Sze, Mark Weiss, Sara Wintz, Lila Zemborain...send for it & check PDF's of previous issues...

my favorites so far in this one Lytle Shaw and Jack Collom...

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via Bookslut an excellent list of Scary Television moments gets immediate cred for including not only "Bad Ronald" (above) but the Karen Black/killer doll sequence of "Trilogy of Terror" and "Sybil", which made my big sister faint...
I would have added Leslie Nielsen as the psycho sheriff in "Shadow Over Elveron"...

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Monday, June 05, 2006

OED Editors, 1915

interesting non-affiliated Examining the Oxford English Dictionary site--

"Examining the OED sets out to investigate the principles and practice behind the Oxford English Dictionary, an extraordinary achievement of scholarship and labour and the greatest dictionary of English ever compiled. We are wholly independent of the OED itself, and seek to provide scholarly commentary on and analysis of OED's methodology and practice.

Our main focus is on exploring and analysing OED's quotations and quotation sources, so as to illuminate the foundations of the dictionary's representation of the English language."

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Sunday, June 04, 2006

strange, overlooked western Track of the Cat on TCM Wednesday...
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