Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Careful With That Axe: Pink Floyd Reappraised
Famously, on the last night of the tour, he beckoned a fan to the front of the stage and spat in his face (though bearing in mind the reverence and docility of Floyd freaks by 1977, it's possible that this fan never washed again – if, indeed, he had any plans to in the first place). The incident is ugly enough on its own terms, but it gets worse: a shame-faced Waters used it as inspiration for The Wall, an album so revolting on every level that it might be oddly compelling, were it possible to listen for more than ten minutes at a time. The Wall is the pinnacle of Waters' conceit, not just for its unsparing inverted narcissism, but the lumbering grotesqueness of the music – like third-rate New Wave swollen to the size of a gas giant, a would-be symphony almost devoid of melodic invention. It spawned the least spontaneous live shows in history, choreographed and stage-managed, performed to a click-track to stay in sync with Gerald Scarfe's hysterical cartoons. This is the Pink Floyd most people think of when you mention their name. It's a terrible shame...
via excellent sit down man, you're a bloody tragedy

Stephen Rodefer, the MC5 & Isola di Rifiuti
Is it possible to make a bigger contrariety between, though, Edna St. Vincent Millay and John Sinclair?

new books on Lincoln
“The greatness of Napoleon, Caesar and Washington was only moonlight by the sun of Lincoln ... He was great through his simplicity and was noble through his charity.”

Monday, February 09, 2009

Welcome Back To The 1982 Depression
Never has an American president been so sneeringly contemptuous of the poor. Never has an American president so openly despised the vast majority of Americans. Ronald Reagan was stupid, dishonest and just plain mean. The heavens rejoiced when that piece of shit finally died...

Secrets of Charcuterie
By six o'clock we had prepared four jambons, over 200 boudins noirs, a similar number of saucisses, and 30 jars each of pâté and rillettes. By common agreement a glass of wine seemed well deserved – the têtes and rillons could wait until tomorrow!

Blossom Dearie on Schoolhouse Rock--YouTube - FIGURE EIGHT