Monday, September 15, 2008

Huge petrified log unearthed in the Harewood Mall

"A huge petrified log unearthed in the Harewood Mall parking lot will become a showpiece in the mall's redesign.

The mall's owners will include the three-metre-long log, believed to be the 75-million-year-old remains of a palm tree, in a plaza for the rebuilt mall.

Although the plans haven't yet been finalized, the mall's owners, Bosa Ventures of Vancouver, plan to incorporate the log into the redesign.

"I talked to the planning department and Dale Bosa and our landscape architect and we have a plaza area and we were planning to bury this on end, sort of set it up as a bit of a sculpture, angle it over," said Rick Jones, a principal of the Urban Design Group, the architectural firm working on the mall redevelopment.

Bosa is doing a major makeover on the shopping centre, to be known as University Village Nanaimo. The work called for having to tear up the parking lot and Knappett Industries discovered the fossil buried in front of Value Village..."