Monday, February 14, 2011


Class fenced but from the
upside only
not a compound but
an hedgerow Maginot
a pinball's tilted
bumpers to keep the lawn

from sliding downhill
to the holler's more collar-
based trenches & redoubts, big dogs

& smaller sightlines
curved streams
with salmon-bearing couches

thickets with frogs & birds &
valentine skunk cabbages,
clotheslined yard beasts wired tight

behind a grow so obvious--
perennial mossy boat & car
plastic-sheeted dowling pyramid

the frig-o-seal
pie container lids tied with
orange ribbon

that everyone uses
to mark off
the marked off,

tidelines of floods
both frequent &

that it must be a decorator choice
like lighting the torches
for the return of the DC-3's

laden with Spam & medicine
years after the storm of the century
had swept through the valley.