Sunday, May 01, 2011

The slowed-down tempos of screw and its influence on contemporary bands

In a world where musical creations (remixes included) constantly shed economic value, the screw approach invests minimal effort into sonic transformation – yet the lazy process radically reconfigures a song. Screw dislocates body from voice – baritone rappers sound demonic, turgid, other and female singers melt into androgyny. If a song’s body is the regular-pitched version where the voice corresponds with the person it came from, then screw severs that connection. Paradoxically, screwed rap sounds more carnal than ever, yet the body is negated to expose the soul – or id, or drug-soaked semi-consciousness...

YouTube - I Can Feel In The Air Tonight- Phil Collins DJ Screw
YouTube - anita ward - ring my bell - DJ Screw
YouTube - Salem - Redlights
YouTube - Salem - King Night