Friday, December 23, 2011

A Letter From Hammertown the person who dumped four
green bags of garbage
behind the pad of Edwardian aggregate

resting on a knob of slate
out of which which flapped
insect wing fern fossils

a prescription for child's ear medicine
full cost covered (thank you BC Med)
revealed your address:


but let's not go there anyway
don't use the pickup
but perform the perimeter slow

as an August afternoon sniffwalk
then follow that very crooked track
whither will it wandered surrounded

then build a fence at eye level
over which we can tip
whatever sad shit the blackberry

can beneath a half-decade
of thickening barbs chew
with green teeth or pick

cleaner with gleaner planks,
whatever the water table
can't (or won't) hold down--

fastened then driven then hid
with certain care a split lid
randomized by ravens & raccoons

flattened by rain braille rime tuned
melancholic generic cola root beer
box saw you sit & sip with your sore ear.